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JC Vapour Vaping Accessories FAQs

What sort of accessories are available to enhance my vaping experience?

Vaping accessories can be both essential and fun. There are vast amounts of accessories available including drip tips, tanks and vape cases to name a few. One really cool thing is is the ability to build your own vaping system. To do this you’ll need a rebuild-able atomizer, vaping wire, high quality (RBA) vaping cotton and a guide to building. With vaping accessories you are also able to build your own coils. By building your own vaping system you can achieve a truly bespoke, personalized vaping experience that will help to revolutionize you e liquid flavor experience.

Should I purchase a vape case?

Vape cases are fantastic for protecting your device from minor damage and scratches. You should always bear in mind that it won’t necessarily ensure that you device always remains safe. If dropped, your device may still be broken. One of the most fantastic reasons to invest in vape cases is for travelling purposes. If you have multiple devices and vaping gear, then vape cases are brilliant for containing and keeping all your vaping necessities together. The also allow you to store all tools necessary to build your own coil or RBA’s

Should I buy a mixing kit?

If you are serious about vaping you should buy a mixing kit. This will allow you to create your own e liquid flavors. This will also allow you to have more of your favorite e liquid to hand as you are note limited to 10ml bottles.