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JC Vapour E-Liquid FAQs

What is an E-Liquid?

E-liquids are a concentrate of propylene glycol (PG) with or without vegetable glycerin (VG). It also contains optional nicotine levels and food-grade flavorings. When the concentrate is heated it vaporizes and provides flavor, it also give a throat and nicotine hit when inhaled which is akin to smoking.

What are the best E-Liquids?

The best e-liquids are from a manufacturers that openly share how they create their e-liquids. The key thing is for you to find a trusted supplier and a well known, popular brand. Once you have done this then it is all down to your own personal taste preferences. You maybe a vaper that likes sweets, or you may decide that you prefer sour, it is all down to your personal choice.

What does ‘PG/VG’ stand for?

Propylene Glycol (PG), a slightly sweet to the taste thin liquid. Vegetable Glycerin VG) is a liquid that is thicker in consistency and tasteless. These liquids form the basis for e-liquids and are found in many food products.

What concentration of PG/VG should I get?

As mentioned earlier e-liquids all come down to taste preference therefore PG/VG mix is different from person to person.  The more PG in an e-liquid the less vapor or fog is produced, it is also thinner in consistency.  The higher the VG content of the e-liquid the more vapor or fog that is produced, in turn it is also thicker. It is also worth noting that higher the PG content the more potent the flavors tend to be.